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Information related to Christian life and experience in Israel / Palestine


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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
This is the official website of the Latin (Catholic) Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which incorporates Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Cyprus. It contains an excellent section entitled analysis, in which you will find numerous publications covering many issues of life for Christians in this region. It also includes a useful resources section.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land (ELCJHL)
The ELCJHL has some excellent resources on its website, including a section entitled “Christians in Occupied Palestine.” The pastor of the English-speaking congregation in Jerusalem Rev Carrie Smith also has an excellent blog.

Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel
“The Association of Saint James was founded in 1955 as a Catholic association dedicated to developing Hebrew-speaking Catholic communities in the State of Israel.” There are quite a few resources about the Catholic Church in Israel available on its website.

Christian Information Centre and Custodia Terrae Sanctae
The website of the Christian Information Centre offers a snapshot of the liturgical life of Christians in Israel/Palestine. It is a ministry of the Franciscans and is thus primarily focussed on the Catholic Church. It has a very useful section offering links to other Christian communities in the region. Another Franciscan website is that of the Custodia Terrae Sanctae, and contains information on Christian sanctuaries (under the custody of the Franciscans), and other pilgrimage related material.

Bethlehem University

“Bethlehem University is a Catholic co-educational institution in the Lasallian tradition whose mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing and use of knowledge.” It publishes a magazine biannually, which is available online.

Kairos Palestine
This website is a response to the Kairos Document, which was a response by Palestinian Christians to Israeli occupation. There is a comprehensive resources section on the website.

International Council of Christians and Jews
“As long as you believe in a living God, you must have hope” was published by the ICCJ in response to the “polarization triggered by the protracted conflicts in the Middle East, especially the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.” A summary of the document as well as the full text can be found on the affiliated Jewish-Christian Relations website. This document might be read in dialogue with the Kairos Document (above).

Christianity in the Israeli Media
You might find articles and op-ed pieces on the Times of Israel website (a good resource for media engaging with multiple narratives in this land. You can also access limited free articles from excellent newspaper Ha’aretz. There is also a Christian News section of the Jerusalem Post.

Green Olive Tours
“Green Olive Tours is a social enterprise tour agency providing tours that are informative and analytical, covering the history, culture, and political geography of Palestine (West Bank) and Israel.” This Israeli tour company offers multi-narrative information and has a number of blog entries under the heading Christianity.

Tag Meir
This is a response to crimes of vandalism (Tag Mechir, “price-tag”) by Jewish extremists by over 40 organisations under the name Tag Meir (“spreading the light”). This link to the site of the Interreligious Coordinating Council of Israel (now under the umbrella of Rabbis for Human Rights) provides access to quite a few articles by former director of the ICCI Dr Ron Kronish, published in the Time of Israel and Huffington Post.

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